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Tips for Virtual Sales

Our current operating environment demands a shift in the way we engage with and sell to customers. We no longer have the benefit of meeting and connecting face to face – options we perhaps took for granted in developing relationships and trust.

The way we prepare for, engage in, and follow up on customer dialogues and selling opportunities must adapt. Sales professionals must now focus on developing specific skills to sell in a virtual environment.

Learning to sell virtually requires a significant shift in the use of traditional selling skills to create a more engaging and connected buyer experience. People behave differently in a virtual setting. They don’t engage in the same way and are more easily distracted. The artificial and often informal nature of selling over video or a platform like Zoom creates a divide between traditional selling methods that rely on formality and the natural connection people feel when sitting face-to-face.

Robert McKernan can help equip salespeople with skills and virtual selling techniques to increase credibility, create connection, foster openness, and build trust in a virtual setting to drive momentum and win sales opportunities.

What you can learn:

  • Virtual selling requires a higher level of preparation to manage the environment; project professionalism and credibility; build rapport, effectively use the technology; set expectations for being on camera; and thoughtfully create materials that enhance and help engage while not distracting from real conversation.
  • Seller skills have to be at a higher level to display virtual Presence and engage in meaningful discussions while holding the customer’s attention.
  •  Drive desired meeting outcomes by creating a clear game plan for the meeting and applying facilitation techniques to manage time and stakeholders in a virtual environment.
  • Generate sales revenues from new or existing clients when face-to-face meetings are not possible
  • Build or maintain a trusted relationship with clients remotely by applying virtual selling skill best practices

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